Setting up the kemboss server appliance

- Login as user 'root', password 'linux'

- Enter 'passwd' to change the root password

- Update the operating system as well as the kemboss daemon using 'yast'

- Secure the MySQL installation and set a MySQL root password by entering: 'mysql_secure_installation'

- Open the MySQL command prompt by typing 'mysql -u root -p' in a terminal console. You will be asked for the MySQL root password

- Create a new SQL database user by entering:
CREATE USER username IDENTIFIED BY 'user password';

- Create a new database and grant the created user access to this database by entering:
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON kemboss . * TO username;

- Type 'quit' to exit the MySQL commandline

- Run the program 'kembossd-admin' to tell the kemboss daemon the MySQL user password. You also should review the other settings of the kemboss server

- Enable activation of the kemboss server at startup: 'systemctl enable kembossd.service'

- Start kemboss server: 'systemctl start kembossd.service'

Improve security of Your virtual machine:

- Enable automatic updates by logging in as root user and starting YAST: 'yast' -> 'Software' -> 'Online Update Configuration'

- Replace the example SSL key and certificate in /etc/kembossd by a real key and certificate