Install kemboss client


If You want to run the EMBOSS programs on Your local machine You can download the mEMBOSS binary files for Windows from and run setup.exe. If You want to use kemboss as a client to access an EMBOSS installation on a remote server You can skip the EMBOSS installation.

Download the kemboss binaries and run kemboss_setup.exe. The package already contains the required Qt libraries.

If You want to use kemboss as a client, the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributables have to be installed. If You want to run an EMBOSS program and get the error message 'Error creating SSL context ()', these libraries are missing (see Win32 OpenSSL Website: ).

Linux / Unix

If You want to run the EMBOSS programs on Your local machine You first have to install EMBOSS. You can either download the sources from and compile the programs from scratch, or You download an EMBOSS rpm package, for example from

For kemboss, rpm packages are available at for a variety of Linux / Unix distributions. If You don't use a package manager, You can download the .tar.gz file and unpack the content. You for example can move the kemboss binary to '/usr/local/bin' and the other files to '/usr/local/shared'. The Qt libraries are not included in the binary package, as most modern Linux / Unix distributions already contain them.


In the configuration dialog of kemboss You can choose if kemboss should use a local EMBOSS installation on the computer it is installed, or if kemboss should act as a client and access an EMBOSS installation on a remote server.

Local EMBOSS installation:

kemboss will try to find the EMBOSS binaries and help files automatically and will display a message if it fails to do so. If that happens You have to manually adjust the EMBOSS directories in the kemboss configuration dialog.

Remote access to EMBOSS:

You have to enter the hostname and port of the kemboss server, as well as a username and password.

Using the test server:

You can use kemboss as a client to access the host '' on port 5757 free of charge. The server is equipped with the latest EMBOSS release 6.6.0, clustalw, primer3 2.0 and PHYLIPNEW. The server accepts all users, but You have to supply a username and password. When You first connect to the server You will get the message 'sslErrors: The certificate is self-signed, and untrusted' as the server only contains a self-signed SSL certificate. SSL encryption will work nevertheless. If You click on 'Ignore host' You will not get the warning again.
As this is a test server, however, we do not guarantee that it is up and running all the time. Furthermore, although the test server uses the latest stable EMBOSS version, we take no responsibility for the results generated.