kemboss main window kemboss is a graphical user interface for the sequence analysis package EMBOSS. It has been developed and tested using Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and PC-BSD. For these operating systems compiled binaries are available in the download section. But as the program is based on the multi platform Qt libraries, the sources should also compile on a variety of other 32- and 64-bit operating systems.

Some of the features of kemboss are:

  • kemboss is able to use a local EMBOSS installation or to act as a client, accessing an EMBOSS installation on a remote server. A test server, free of charge, is available
  • In contrast to the jemboss user interface, kemboss does not use java with its known security issues
  • kemboss integrates a simple editor. Thus sequences can be copied into the editor and the EMBOSS programs can be run without having to create input and output files
  • On Windows it is possible to run kemboss without admin access from a USB stick. If You access an EMBOSS installation on a kemboss server You get Your sequence analysis package on a stick

The current kemboss release 2.1.5 includes graphical user interfaces for all programs of the EMBOSS main package, version 6.6.0, a well as the PHYLIPNEW package.

Any information about bugs or suggestions for improvements are very welcome.